There are 3.5 million small-scale farmers in Kenya who engage in subsistence farming using techniques that are mostly outdated. This has led to low productivity in Kenya’s most important sector and importation of massive quantities of agricultural produce. This is more pronounced in the oil seeds with soybeans leading at over 100 000 MT annually.

In the face of these challenges, opportunities exist to significantly change how farming is done and at the same time turn smallholders into small enterprises.

The large farmer base gives us an opportunity to design a solution that is scalable and can impact the large smallholder-farming ecosystem.

Tanuru Farms business model delivers two-pronged solution to the challenges facing the sector. These are: Increasing quantities and quality of locally sourced oilseeds to agro-processors and impact on farmer incomes and prosperity. Our experience in the agriculture sector, being a farming company since beginning, enables us to appreciate the challenges facing smallholder farmers and we believe our agriculture development program will address some of the issues we have seen in production and post-harvest handling processes.